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From:	Aage Danielsenaage danielsen Norway
------------------------------------------------------A brief email to compliment and thank BUXCOMM for the "2804K Windom milgrade"! I have a BuxComm 2804K Windom 80-2meter and Hari windom antenna.Both terminated with RG58U coax.
The Hari is an old one. Afther tested them, I have desided to remove theHari one. With the Hari I have 2 S units more white noise.Now I can also run my Yaesu FL7000 with our 2804K Windom, and it tunes .
Your antennas work great as advertised.  we only have to use tuner on 60m and 30m.On the other Ham Bands the SWR is less than 1.5:1.I appreciate fast response to my questions, and the low prices and high quality.  Thanks again.LA9YBA/Aage

From:     Patrick Joy (W1PRJ)  Tewksbury, MA
Sent:       Sunday, November 18, 2012 2:09 PM
To: support@PacketRadio.com

Subject: BUXCOMM  antenna model:  1606T2FD-1400

I have been using your 1606T2FD-1400 antenna now for over 6 months
and it is working very well. On most days I can get on any band from
160 to 6 meters and work some DX.

I have 36 countries verified and I have worked much more then that.
If I can hear them I can work them. I am so happy with this antenna that I
put off buying other antennas.

The antenna is mounted about 40 feet high and it has held up very well
against the high winds from hurricane Sandy...

Thanks for producing a very fine antenna.


From: John Mouritsen [mailto:Austrailia]
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 6:57 AM
To: 'HamradioExpress'
Subject: RE: BUXcomm.com Order

Thank you for your very prompt delivery , of Baluns ,Coax & 40 Metre Dipole.
Which I received a short time ago. On operating the Dipole I was astonished with the operformance.
Even though, I had no option, but to install antenna radials within inches of tree branches, the SWR was excellent
1.5 to 1 on the edge of the band and 1.1 to 1 on the centre of the band .
Signal reports are fantastic. I can highly recommend this antenna.

John VK2CRI ex

From: Michael Stenner, CD
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 6:33 PM
To: BUXcomm.com
Subject: Order from BuxComm

Hi BuxComm,

Just a quick note to say thank you. I ordered one (1) x BCIMM121 [ 12:1 ] balun and two (2) x TR600 [ 600ohm ] resistors,
in order to constuct a 260' Terminated Sloping Vee for our club's 2010 ARRL Field Day operations.

My order arrived in Pitt Meadows, BC [Canada] a few days later!

All of the equipment worked perfectly, out of the box; and our antenna was constructed in a little under 2 hours.

During our Field Day operations, we received numerous reports of 5/9+20dB, from Portland OR to San Diego CA, -- using a measly 90W of barefoot power!

Once again, huge thanks to yourself and the crew at BUXCOMM!

73 : Michael Stenner

From: Donald Rome [mailto:support@buxcomm.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 8:02 AM
To: BUXcomm.com
Subject: Message from BUXcomm.com

From: Don Rome

Greetings Buck,
I installed your 20640 windom antenna and it is resonant on 20 and 10 meters.
Thank you for all your help in ordering this product, it works better than my Alpha Delta DX-EE which it replaced.

D Rome

From:       W7LPN [w7lpn.hamradio@ .com]
Subject:    BUXCOMM  1080T2FD Arrived today
Date:        28 May 2010

Received the BUXCOMM model 1080 T2FD today, got it up almost 20 ft above ground.  The first QSO was on 40m, with a guy in Tacoma, wa. 
He had a 60ft vertical w/ 600watts, 

I'm using the T2FD at my home, it is in a slightly tilted config only about 20ft on the high end, 16ft off ground in the yard on the low end.
He was 5/9 and so was I with a measly 100watts throughout QSO.

TNX for a really great antenna

73 Richard

From: ED, PS7DX
To:     support@buxcomm.com
Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2010 8:23 PM

Hi friends of BUXcomm, I received my BUXcomm model 1080T2FD antenna today and is already in the air ... excellent performance,

low SWR in all bands, great reception, without noise. I am very pleased with the acquisition of this antenna.

would do better if it would handle more than 300 watts power,  should have bought the BUXcomm high power model




From: Wayne (AD5XR)
To: support@buxcomm.com

Wednesday, May 12, 2010  11:34 AM

Dear Buxcomm,

A few years ago I purchased your Windom (model 802134) and have really loved it.
It has often broken though pile-ups like a monster beam. I can not say enough good
things about this antenna.

It is really nice to buy something that out performs my expectations.


Wayne (AD5XR)
Brandon, Mississippi

From: K6IPC
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 11:34 AM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: Balun


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your MM5022 Balun. I bought it around 4

Months ago, but just got around to installing it due to weather. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which gets lots of snow..

I am using Hi Serria 5-160 antenna. With the coax connected to the antenna base and the antenna adjusted

for lowest SWR, it was 1.2:1 at best from 3.2 Mhz to 14 mhz. I also measured the field strength at this point and found it was not at minimum SWR.  I then installed the balun and made the same tests. Whow? The SWR was 1.1:1 and the maximum field strength was at the same place as the lowest SWR.

 Thanks for something that works as advertised...

Will be ordering a windom antenna soon and I hope it works as well as what has been written about it.



From: Philip Middlemiss
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 7:40 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: Windom


I recently received the BUXCOMM 40270, 40M windom from you. Got it up yesterday and works great without a tuner on 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.

This is a great improvement over the vertical I was using. Thanks

 Philip Middlemiss  [ZL3GP]

From: Lee Converse
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2010 4:03 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Cc: 'Gordon Winn'
Subject: FANTASTIC antenna and RASCAL II+ !!!
Importance: High


I'm Lee Converse, KI4ITS.  I recently purchased a Buxcomm Windom and a Rascal II+.

I can only say that both of these items are the best performers I have ever purchased anywhere!!

Phenomenal performance.   The antenna is simply amazing!  The Rascal II+  is fantastically simple and "effective!"

Just wanted to give you a shout and say thanks for two fantastic products.


  Lee Converse

From: jim [k5dhe]
Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009  9:31 PM
Subject: data on new BUXCOMM Windom model 40270, 40 meter antenna.. whatyo think buck??

hi buck 

no tuner....... 40 meter  1.1 to 1.3 entire band....,     20Meter   14.000 flat..14.300  1.2.. ,   15 Meter   21075... 1.6.. 21.400 1.5, 

10 meter  1.3 to flat  entire band,     ..17 Meter high 2.0,  .......24.890 to 24.940 too high  2.0  entire band .

6 meters 1.2 entire band.

 although this is a 40 through 6 meter windom, i used the antenna with my heathkit tuner on 75/80 and it loads great... receive signals stronger than my g5rv.

the apex of my antenna is at 15 ft off the roof about 39 ft above ground in the clear the ends are plenty high..coax is rg8x........ havent used the tuner on any band except 75/80....the long leg is the highest element/leg... the receive signals are strong on all bands... i really like your workmanship better than expected..

 jim k5dhe

From: wb4iuy
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 7:47 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: Wonderful product!

Hello Buck and company,

I'm sure you hear it all the time, but I wanted to tell you that I'm having
more fun with your Rascal than anything I've done in ham radio for years! I
use it with an Icom 756 (old unit, not pro). I've had the Rascal since early
this year, and keep finding more new things to do with it.

I work all digital modes, including SSTV. I made a little mod to it to
provide hard keying for CW to my transceiver's CW input. I isolated the CW
key line from the acc key line with a couple of pin diodes, so I can switch
back and forth between CW and the digital modes without having to switch
cables. I now use it with Ham Radio Deluxe 4.x, and work my station remotely
over the internet from work nearly every day. I am very often in my machine
shop, so I'll have 15-20 minutes between parts changes on some products, and
the Rascal allows me to run my hamshack at home from work. I set the audio
level pot in the Rascal to full open, adjust the levels for digital modes
via the soundcard window in DM-780, and set the SSB levels with the mic
adjustment in Skype (I use Skype for my remote audio).

I'm working remote SSB with the Rascal, and it works GREAT! I've posted info
on how to set it up for remote operation in the Buxcomm Rascal forum at
http://forums.ham-radio.ch/ so others can see that there's no need for those
crazy expensive audio interfaces to get the job done.

BTW, we use several radios on our local Packet BBS system, on our SEDAN
links, and on our APRS system here from you. Ronnie WA4MJF says "hello" as
well. Thanks again for great products and service.


From: K8MFO
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 3:39 PM
Subject: Attention: BUCK

I thought you might be interested in a "Windom review" that I just wrote for EHAM.      It is just about 2 years ago that I purchased the antenna from you.
Here is the URL:
I have been licensed for 51 years and am a serious DXer, with a 120 foot tower and an "aluminum jungle" in my back yard, and the latest and greatest radios in an air conditioned shack.

However, I am also a fancier of "boatanchor radios". I love the GLOW of old tube transmitters and receivers. In my barn/workshop I have some fine old radios. At the mo
ment a Johnson Viking Ranger II is the transmitter, and I have the choice of either a Collins 75A4 receiver, or Drake 2B and R4C models. I have long been a fan of center fed dipoles using open wire or ladder line. Of course you also need an antenna tuner, and I have my choice of several. However, I wanted an antenna that would cover 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters with coaxial feed, and did not require a tuner. I looked at the G5RV and dismissed that option. Later I stumbled onto the BUXCOMM web site and read Buck Rogers' most interesting comments on the Windom. Decades ago I helped a top notch DXer and contester put up a Windom in a residential neighborhood when I was a student at Michigan State. His results were excellent!

Anyway, in the fall of 2007 I called BUXCOMM one evening and Buck Rogers - K4ABT himself answered the phone. I will leave it to you personally to decide whether that was good! Initially , Buck seemed to be in a hurry to close up shop and go home, and he was muttering a bit under his breath. So, being a bit direct, I said, "What are you muttering about, Buck?" That seemed to catch his attention! He and I proceeded to have a very pleasant conversation, and we talked about old radios and the GLORY DAYS of radio,etc. At that point I told Buck that I was interested in the "CW MODEL" of his 80 through 6 meter Windom. He told me that he would personally make one up for me as soon as we hung up, and he did! He also apologized for his earlier "muttering" and said he was going to include his high power balun at no addtional charge!

My results with the 30 watts of output from my Ranger II have been quite satisfactory. In the CW Sweepstakes, 2007 running, I decided to go for a Clean Sweep of sections. So I made 80 QSOs in 80 sections -- this took 8 hours. OK -- Worked All States and most Canadian provinces in the time that most people sleep each night! At the end of November 2007 I decided to enter the CQ World Wide CW DX Contest, again with the Ranger II at 30 watts and the BUXCOMM Windom. Remember we are at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, so I only operated casually for 25 hours. The results again were satisfactory with a half million points and 108 countries in the log. I guess DXCC must have taken about 20 hours, which is not bad.

I continue to play around in various contests and to rag chew to my hearts content with the old radios and the Windom! Of course I am not saying the Windom is as good as my aluminum jungle on the big tower, but I do have a reference antenna out at the barn to compare it to. To put it simply, the Buxcomm Windom runs circles around a Cushcraft R7 vertical, and I have always been pleased with that antenna too!

I should also mention that my Ranger II loads just fine into the Windom on 15 meters, even though that is not advertised as an optimum band. Guess what? It also beats the R7 performance wise on that band!

So, what do you want? A well designed antenna that works? Then you may want to consider the BUXCOMM. Buck may be a foul mood when you call him on the phone, but he obviously knows how to design an antenna that works as advertised. Go to the website and read his thoughtful insight yourself, and make your own decision.
Thanks for your thoughtful article on the Windom and for designing something that works.   As they say, "BS is cheap"....   Your bottom line is super performance.

From: Dave WB4IUY
To: "salesBUXCOMMnet" <sales@buxcomm.net>
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2009 12:28 AM
Subject: Rascal interface

I recently bought a Rascal, the interface cable for my Icom 759, and the
USB-serial adapter from you. It was the EASIEST piece of gear I've ever
tried to interface.  I've never been on PSK, although I've often thought about it,
and assumed there was gonna be a lot to do to get things running.  Within 30
minutes, I read the instruction, and connected everything, and was making my first PSK31

This stuff is FUN!!  I've been running RTTY on an old Hal interface for many years and thought
it was slick... , but now with your RASCAL . .  well, I didn't know what I was missing.
This stuff is addictive, I can't get off of PSK31 because of your RASCAL interface.

Thanks for a system that was well worth the buck$ _and_ easy to use and setup!


From: "Bill" WO2RET
To: <support@buxcomm.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 1:57 AM
Subject: BUXCOMM model 802134 Windom

I received the 802134 Windom I ordered, the day after I ordered it.  After
removing the G5RV I had been using,  I put up the 80 - 2 meter 135' Windom
using a 5:1 Balun. 

Due to the length of the Windom and the configuration of my lot and
the trees on it, I had to re-orient the antenna and set it up in a
rather unorthodox configuration.  I installed it as an Inverted-V in
what I can only describe as a "bent Inverted-V".  The long leg is
running WSW to ENE and the short leg  is set up NNE to SSW resulting in
a bent appearance when looking at it from above.  I am using a BlueSky
Elevating Mast System with the apex at 15 meters, hence the 5:1. 

The first shot out of the bag was a 5:9  QSO with Aruba on 20meters, a 5:9 with 
Houston, TX and Vermont, along with a mobile unit in Crown Point, IN and
another on the PA Turnpike at the Ohio State Line on 40meters.  I am now
also getting solid QSOs all along the 75/80meter band.  Not too shabby
for a Yaesu FT-897D using a hand mike and running barefoot 100 watts. 

The G5RV is now permanently retired. Thanks for the Windom, I have already
received several queries on what type of rig I am running and don't hesitate to tell them what the
antenna system is.

Keep up the good work

73 Bill WO2RET


From:       Ron NA9F
To:           support@buxcomm.com
Sent:         Monday, July 21, 2008 6:03 PM
Subject:    Best Wire Antenna I have used

Over the 44 yrs of being in this hobby, I have tried many wire antennas including, the G5RV, W5GI, dedicated dipoles / Vees, a few fan antennas and even a windom but, let me say this, in my opinion none were as good as the BUXCOMM 802136 Windom.

I had been looking for a better multiband wire antenna and a friend of mine told me to call BUXCOMM and check out their WINDOM.  Well I had tried a WINDOM before, it was one that had a tunning stub on it and I found it to be terrible on some bands and lots of rf in the shack on other bands so did not think I would try another one.  I then heard from my wife about her dislikes of all the antenna wires around the house so decided to call BUXCOMM and check out their WINDOM. I told them about my prior experiences with antennas. It was amazing because they treated me like a prefered customer and even directed me to some articles to read and told me about the BUXCOMM 802136 80-2M Windom. The 802136 has a specially designed balun called the VBB, which means Very Broad Band, I can truthfully say it is very broad banded. I did the recommend readings and decided to give that antenna a try so I ordered one. Following is what I have found out:

The antenna was shipped the same day I ordered it.  

As soon as I opened the box I saw that it was of quality workmanship.

Installation took only about 15 min because the tower was in place with a pulley up top.  I put the apex of the antenna at 35ft. At this height BUXCOMM recommended their new VBB 4:1 balun whereas if you go higher than 45 ft,  they recommend a 5:1 or a 6:1 depending on your height desires. (ED Note: The feed-point impedance of an antenna decreases as its height above ground decreases !)

Performance is outstanding. The SWR is well below 2.0 to 1 on 80,40,20,17,15,12 and 6M in fact most of these were below 1.5 to 1. On 10 Mtrs, I found the swr to be 2.3 but again no antenna tuner is needed.

Those who know me best, know I would not recommend a product that I personally do not like and certainly none that I have not evaluated.  I highly recommend this antenna. It is not your ordinary WINDOM.

For those who might want to try it, you should consider getting coax seal (CS104) to seal your connectors on your coax and use Dacron Rope as it is UV protected, and will withstand the elements, I used the 3/16" and it does fine.

Ron NA9F

From: Antonis Parashis
Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008 4:19 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: Your LISO solved my problem

thanks for the help,
The following happened at my summer qth:
I have a solid state amp, locally made, this equipment is not a model you know.
The following behaviour happened on many bands, not all, and on 2 antennas: 10-20 quad and 40-160 trap dipole:
when increasing the power above abt 200 watts, there was an unexpected and excessive increase of SWR.
The result was that the amp stopped working because of swr protection.
The antennas are properly tuned for accepted swr at all the operating frequencies.
A technician told me that it was because of "spurious", to be honest i don't understand 100% the meaning of it.

I bought a isolator from your company and installed it after the amplifier and before the tuner:
The amplifier is now working without problem.  So your LISO product solved my problem and i can say that I am totally satisfied..

Antonis, SV1ENG

From: -Chris  W9BKO
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 3:09 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com

Hey Buck,

I read what others said about your antenna on the web today, and I thought you'd like to hear my story.  Don't worry - I absolutely LOVE this antenna!  Here's why...

Last year, when my YL and I moved into our house, she said that I could get a wire antenna for my rig.  Being a ham herself, she knew what I really wanted (a 200' tower with 3 beams and two verticals...  Okay, okay, three verticals), and she cares a lot more about the appearance of our house and the friendship of our neighbors than "my" hobby.  Therefore, a wire was a good compromise.

I asked around and tons of hams in the midwest swear by the BUXCOMM Windom, so I thought I'd look into it.  With a very reasonable price, amazing range (80-6 on one wire without at tuner) and length short enough to easily fit on my property, I quickly decided on it.  The reviews on eHam were hit or miss, however your company offered what I wanted at a great price.  I placed my order on a Monday afternoon (I believe it was around 3:00 p.m. Central time) and by Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. CT, I had the antenna in my lap.  AWESOME!

Just for kicks, I left it in its original packaging and wired it to my rig - just for RX, of course!  I heard tons of CW and SSB phone FROM INSIDE MY HOUSE!  My YL asked, "Can we just leave it there and put it under the couch when you're done?"  Hi hi hi...

That weekend, I went up and laid it across my roof, eventually running down and tying off to my fence.  It worked GREAT!  Numerous contacts on all bands, both SSB, CW, and PSK31!

That was a year ago.  This weekend, being the long weekend, I got adventurous and decided to get it up off the roof.  Using some PVC, clamps, and a bit of creativity, the antenna is now 2 feet off the roof, and running down to the fence, completely in the air.

Now, I thought I had good ears before...  Now, it's unreal!  In one hour, I had QSOs on 20m SSB, 15m SSB, 12m SSB, 10m SSB, and 6m SSB!  While part of it might have been good weather and good band conditions, a lot of it had to do with a great product up in the breeze!

Long story short, I love your Windom!  It works great laying on the roof, and even better up in the air!  Thanks a ton, Buck!

-Chris  W9BKO

From: Jim Cannici N7JEC
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 5:09 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: Line Isolator LISO

I recently purchases a Buxcom LISO line isolator.  I was having trouble with RF in the shack after switching to a random wire and auto coupler antenna system.  Every time I transmitted, I would knock out my VOIP telephone system here in the house.  As soon as I installed the LISO, my RF problems went away and NO noticeable change in the performance of the antenna.  Thanks for a reasonably priced product that WORKS as advertised.   

Jim Cannici 

From: Richard Soikkeli
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 11:35 AM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: Thanks for your fantastic Windom antenna!

Dear Buck,
Thank you so much for your patient technical help and the Buxcomm Quality windom antenna.   2 weeks ago down came the 102' G5RV and up went the 80m Windom with Buxcomm parts. 

Now I am filling the log book with countries I rarely could even hear before, much less work, even with 500w CW.  I have "busted" some pile ups with a first or second call and got real 599 rpts from DX over 8000 miles away.   The low noise factor and gain does the trick.  Also, I don't have RF into my son's computer speakers any more and I'm sure the neighbors are happier. 

I am advising our Field Day team to ditch the g5rv's as they don't compare at all as you told me would be the case.  I only wish I had heard about BUXCOMM windom's sooner and had more fun working DX over the years.   I just installed a 2nd windom for my jr. high ham station.  Now its time to break out the QRP rig and see what it will do too.  I will be ordering more parts soon.

  73 and thanks again, Rick  AE6RS 

From: Sam w8spm
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008
To: buxcomm.com
Subject: 802136HP
From: Sam Maze

Wanted you to know how my 802136HP is working ?  I ordered the antenna plus other items on 12-3-07.
The antenna works GREAT on all bands.  I have never heard as much DX on 75 meters as I have with this antenna.

I am going to buy a amplifier soon and that is why I bought the high power version.  Thanks for the Great Antenna !

Sam W8spm

From: Larry  W5LDA
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 6:50 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: windom

Howdy Buck
 Just a short note to let you know how well my 80m-6m windom is working. "FANTASTIC".Been all over the world with this antenna and could not be happier with it. Thanks for a great product

From: Marv, K2IPH
Sent: Monday, July 24, 2007 8:50 PM
To: BUXCOMM Corporation
Subject: BUXCOMM Windom Model 166260

WOW, what an antenna.
Bought your 160-6 Windom. First contact on 40 was tonight. 9K2CQ with a5/9, broke through a pileup barefut with an FT857D.
Great antenna

Marv, K2IPH

From: Charles W4CXF
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2007 10:16 AM
To: k4abt@Packetradio.com
Subject: absolutely the best


I purchased the BUXCOMM WINDOM two weeks ago, and put it up this weekend. I can say, it is without a doubt, the most impressive antenna I have ever used, both construction and performance. Although it is rated at 750 watts, I have been running 1000 watts ssb into it.

Our tests show that 15 mtrs needed the use of our Vector tuner. The SWR on 15, it was a little over 3 to 1. All other bands (75, 60, 40, 20, 17, 10, and 6 meters) had a 1.5:1 or less and no tuner was needed. The antenna worked extremely well with our 756 Pro III. Of all the wire type, all-band antennas I have built and used over my 45+ years as a ham, this antenna is absolutely the best. I highly recommend the BUXCOMM (806136) WINDOM antenna.

Keep up the good work
73 Chuck
Bessemer, AL

PS, It's truly more than we expected and at such a reasonable price.

From: Andy KA3ODJ

Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2007 6:49 PM
To: support@commparts.com
Subject: 166261W100

Just wanted to let you know that your 166261W100 antenna here at KA3ODJ is working like Gang Busters. We purchased the antenna
primarily as a 160 Meter antenna for the Internet Remote Base. The SWR and performance exceeded what I had expected, I have
added it to the selection choices for the other bands. Can not wait to get the ends up higher, they are only 35" or so right now.

Getting good reports from the users of the Internet Remote Base. No RF Problems at the coax end either, I also am using one of your
Master Match at the antenna switch. I am running an Icom PW1 and in the past, I've had RFI issues in the shack resetting the computer, but no more, with this new BUXCOMM Windom, it's clean as a whistle.

Feel free to give your antenna a try if you like. To operate Remote, You will have to download W4MQs software to get access. http://wpmq.com.

Thanks for a great product at a fair price.


From: Byron Watson

Sent: Friday, March 10, 2007 7:26 PM
To: support@buxcomm.com
Subject: thanks a bunch

Hey Buck, just had to let you know i'm impressed.....great product, super fast shipping and even answered my tech questions within an hour.

It's getting harder and harder in today's world to find service like this.....Thats why you got an order from K4RED today....I told him he HAD to get his rascal from BUXCOMM no ifs or buts....

Again thanks, look for me on PSK31....

BTW, just got my amateur extra license and ready to roll!!!!!

Byron N4TIZ

From: Tom Osborne
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2007 10:14 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Re: RASCAL with TS 450

HI Buck

Got the RASCAL today in fast time. It's my 3rd one. I recommend them to all my friends.

73 Tom


From: Jon ]
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2006 11:21 PM
To: Support@buxcomm.com
Subject: DBLCOMBO Compact antenna

I got your dblcombo for 75 meter a few days ago, and finally got it on the tower leg this evening. (side of tower at about 25 feet).

I didn't even have to tune it and got a 1.1 swr! I was surprised, since I just followed the basic assembly instructions,
being on the side of the tower I was prepared to do some required adjustments. And surprised when I didn't,
And my at-11mp auto tuner lets me cover the entire 75/80 meter band with it.

To get the mount to fit the tower leg I had to drill the mounting holes out slightly, but modifications are a habit.

Thanks for a great little antenna!


From: N4BGR
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2006 4:32 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: RASCAL Mark V GLX...Bravo BUX COMM !


Got my GLX for the TS480SAT today and It works like a charm!! Cute case and I love the "red eye"!



From: K5XS
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2006 5:49 PM
To: Support@buxcomm.com
Subject: F A S T service

Thanks for the great buying experience!

I placed my order at about midnight on Thursday night, and they arrived at my home in the mail today--Monday.

Thank you for sending the right stuff at a good price very quickly. We'll do business again!

Bernie K5XS


From: Greg [cwdxer]
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2006 10:42 PM
To: buck@buxcommco.com
Subject: N4WO--Rascal Great Product


I ordered the rascal on a Thursday and it arrived that Monday. The set up I know now is simple. No TNC needed.

They say it right. "Plug and Play." My first RTTY Qso was today during the Russian RTTY WW Contest.

The rascal is one Great product.


Greg N4WO

From: K5XS
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2006 5:49 PM
To: JAN@buxcomm.com
Subject: Great service

Thanks for the great buying experience!

I placed my order at about midnight on Thursday night, and they arrived at my home in the mail today--Monday.

Thank you for sending the right stuff at a good price very quickly. We'll do business again!

Bernie K5XS


From: Bob Evans
Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2006 9:02 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cable and switch arrived very fast, in Saturday's mail. The cable and switch work perfectly! The old 940 and RASCAL are on the air in the sound card mode !!!!!!!

You guys are great!!!!!!

Thanks !


From: Jim [nj7b]
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2006 1:30 PM
To: Buck@BUXcomm.com
Subject: 80 thru 6 windom

I just want to say that the 80 thru 6 meter windom that I purchased from you is a remarkable antenna, I've had many antennas g5rv and other wires but none can compare to your windom, overall its a great do everything all band antenna. thanks again for a great product


From: Bill, AD5TD
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2005 4:10 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Re: Order with www.packetradio.com

Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I had it up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Like you say in the instructions, "most problems are with the configuration of the computer."

I read the directions and had the RASCAL on the air in less than 15 minutes.

Thanks again and 73 de Bill, AD5TD


From: harvey [K5PAX@]
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2005 10:45 AM
To: Bux Commco
Subject: RE: New Order with www.packetradio.com

Thanks Buck:

Just to let you know -- I've been using a BUX COMM, Rascal V on my first rig for about a year, and it works great. I'm a late blooming ham -- I learned CW from my Dad when I was 7, but didn't take the license test for 45 years. I expected to be working CW and Phone, but got on PSK a few weeks after I got on the air, and never looked back. I used the programs on your CD-ROM and have run successfully on BPSK31, QPSK31, PSK63, MFSK16, FeldHell, RTTY, FEC31, and a bunch more. I've spent 90% of my time on the soundboard digital modes and have been having a blast. They are the best thing for small stations with low power rigs and limited antenna systems. I've got DXCC and WAS in a year, primarily on the digital (PC soundcard) modes using a small mag-loop antenna (1 meter diameter) and less than 50 watts output. What can be better than that?

Quite honestly, if it wasn't for your website and the Rascal, I wouldn't have been half as active on the air. Some of the information/links on the website let me know just how simple the digital modes can be, and the plug and play RASCAL made it possible for someone like me. Other sites and books made the digital modes seem much to arcane, but your no-nonsense approach made it do-able for me.

The RASCAL V has worked flawlessly for a year, and I run an average of 2-3 hours every day. For the prices you charge, the product is an amazing bargain. I just ordered the RASCAL GLX for a new rig which is due in soon.

So I guess this is a fan letter -- I know I've been meaning to drop you a note on this for a bit; In any case, thanks again, I appreciate it.



From: Kelly [KD7ALF@]

Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2005: 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: RASCAL GLX "Black Beauty"

Hello Buck and Company,

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with my RASCAL GLX “Black Beauty”.
First off, you and your crew did a STELLAR job getting my shipment out. I ordered on a Thursday afternoon and I received my package the following Monday. I tell ya’, you folks just DON’T mess around!

When I got my package inside and torn open, I couldn’t believe how quickly everything went together. I was up, running and receiving packets in about 15 minutes! Now I have a permanent station set up in my shack and I can send and receive APRS information to my heart’s content!

I only have one complaint…..

It’s going to take me a MONTH to go through all the software you sent on your CD! LOTS of really good stuff my friend, I discover something new and exciting every day.

Thank you so much for such a great product and fantastic service. I’ll be ordering another of these as soon as I have my second antenna in the air and know which rig I’m going with.

Wishing you all the very best!

Kelly ~ KD7ALF (Satisfied Bux Comm Customer!)


From: Allen, N1jXF
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2005 10:43 AM
To: buck4abt
Subject: Re: RASCAL CBL

Received cable within 4 days of ordering it. Very fast. Cable is very well built, works great on my old KDK radio & overall, I am very impressed by your professional service. I will recomend you to other ops. Thanks for a great product. It sure beats the old days of pinning out an old pc cable and wiring a mic plug to it.

Thanks again. Allen, N1jXF in RI.

From: KE5GBV - Scott
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2005 6:22 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Re: Order

To whom it may concern,

I appreciate ordering with your company, and to add to it, you were right on time with your estimation on the arrival. You were 100% correct on the Delivery Date, and the items I ordered is exactly what I wanted, and have received Very Good reports on its Performance. Just can't beat it. I appreciate your help. Next I will be ordering a Base Antenna.

I appreciate doing business with your company, and so far, I have Two other HAMS who will be ordering with you.

KE5GBV - Scott


From: Larry K0LEJ
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2005 6:56 PM
To: Bux Commco
Subject: Re: Rascal GLX

Hi Buck:

Thanks for the fast service. I was not expecting such a fast response.

I just got done with my first FSK contact. Talk about fun! The RASCAL GLX interface works great and I had no problems setting it up. Setting up the computer, on the other hand, took a bit of playing (old IBM ThinkPad running Windows 98). My first contact was on the FT-817 set at 2.5W using a Hamstick dipole. I got a very good report into Florida. One of the best $40 I have spent!!!

Thanks for your help.

73 Larry K0LEJ

From: Terry VE3TKF
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2005 12:28 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Re: Rascal GLKit

Hello Buck:
Received my Rascal GLK last Fri. Went together in a flash, and It works great. I made my cables for my TS-570 and the Yaesu FT 8800 transceivers and all work okay. I usually use Digipan but I tried the Winpsk which came on the disc and it is a super nice program.

Thanks 73 Terry VE3TKF

From: Lee KD7OED
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2005 6:20 PM
To: 'buck4abt'


Received Saturday, on-the-air Saturday afternoon. - thanks for another great product!

73, de KD7OED

From: KE4QDC Ferrell

Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2005 10:02 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: 746pro

Buck got the rascal hooked up and it works fine. On my 746Pro nothing to do but make the connections and settings. Works fine on HF as well as VHF 2 meter. Just thought I would let you know there was no special settings that had to be done. Have made several contacts already.

Thanks for a good product

73 KE4QDC Ferrell


From: Rick NK9G
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2005 11:39 PM
To: Bux Commco
Subject: Rascal GLX

Just back from the Caribbean from HI, 8P, J3, V2, KP2, and /MM. The Rascal GLX is nothing less than outstanding.
I used PSK-31/ QRP with a FT-817. I have the competition, and after this trip... they are no competition

Rick NK9G

From: walt KJ4HE
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2005 10:07 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: GLX Order

Dear Buck:

Last week I ordered a Rascal GLX with the matching cable for my IC-706MK2. Just as it was mentioned on your web page, my order shipped the next day. I received it 2 days later, installed it immediately, and watched it perform flawlessly from the get-go.

It is a pleasure to deal with someone who does what he says, and who ships product that performs as advertised. I am now on PSK31 ..... painlessly .... and loving every minute of it.

Thanks for the great service!

Walt KJ4HE


From: Troy

Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2005 6:05 PM

To: k4abt@packetradio.com

Subject: Good job!


This new RASCAL mark V GLX is fantastic, I ordered one and five minutes after getting it I was on PSK31 receiving great reports, no mess, no fuss, no difficulty.

Didn't really have any doubts though as the original Rascal kit I'd put together before has been serving me well on my other radio for some time without any trouble.

Thanks for a great, reasonably priced, full featured product.


From: Bob N2RXK
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2005 11:52 AM
To: buck@buxcommco.com
Subject: Orders


I have placed several orders to your firm over the last few months.

Your equipment is exceptional, your shipping the fastest I have ever seen, your prices very good, and I refer you to other hams.

Thank for all you do, it is good to know SOME American businesses still carry on in the American Tradition!!!

TNX de N2RXK Bob


From: Tim
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2005 3:46 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Rascal

I would just like to say what an absolute pleasure your product has been.

Simple to install - easy to use - and fantastic results.

I have been running BPSK31 for 5 days now - I have done over 90 QSO's on all but 1 continent.

In Ham radio there is much hype about products that general leads to customer dissatisfaction, however your product is out there leading the way to total customer satisfaction.

A very very sincere thank you from a happy customer.

Best wishes , Good Dx and keep up the good work

Tim A45WG - Muscat, Oman


From: wo4o
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2005 10:38 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Re: Need RASCAL Mark V Plus in time for RTTY contest

Thanks, Buck. It arrived on time, in good shape and worked like a charm. This RASCAL helped me try RTTY for the first time in my 34 years in this hobby.

I Played in the NAQP RTTY and in 10 hours made 355 QSOs. It was great FUN.

Thanks for helping make it possible!

73 Ric Wo4o

From: Terry [TS128227@

Sent: Monday, March 10, 2005 8:49 PM

To: k4abt@packetradio.com

Subject: RASCAL Mark V Order

Importance: High

Just wanted to let you know, the RASCAL MARK V works GREAT! No problems hooking up to the Icom 706 and making contacts. Your fast service and quality product speak volumes!

Best 73, Terry - N4IYB

From: Wally ww4msk

Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2005 3:25 PM

To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'

Subject: RE: Order

Hello....FYI, the order arrived and as you'd expect, all was set up and working in minutes. As a customer I truly appreciate items that are made easy to install, especially for a low time HAM.


From: Ed WD4GOY
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2005 10:56 AM
To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'
Subject: RASCAL

Thanks. Received the Rascal Monday. Great turn-around time!

Had it up and running in 10 minutes. First QSO was with a YV.
Thank you for a great product.
Will certainly recommend you to all my friends interested in PSK and digi modes.


From: Bob N4HY
Sent: Tue 12/31/2003 5:55 PM
To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'
Subject: RASCAL


I really like the new interface. I had it out of the box and running with all my radios in about

5 minutes. I really like the new RASCAL Mark V (RY) RTTY keying for my IC756Pro II.
Thanks for all your great work, at a great price.

Bob N4HY

From: Paul VE3HFQ
Sent: Tue 1/7/2005 2:59 PM
To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'
Subject: RASCAL

I wish to commend and thank you for your excellent service. Received the package in good order this afternoon. Great to see a firm that "thrives" on customer service. I shall be pleased to recommend your firm to other amateurs in the area. Keep up the excellent work!!!

Kind personal regards,

Paul (VE3HFQ)

From: Terry N8CDN
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2003 9:02 AM
To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'
Subject: RASCAL mark V


I just received my Rascal Mk V late Tues 12-3-02 and had it hooked up and working perfectly the next day after work. A few minor adjustments to the sound card settings is all it took. I had two quick PSK31 qso's on 20 meters and one station reported an IMD reading of -32 !. the Rascal appears to work on RTTY just fine as well. I was able to receive several stations and sent out a quick CQ and my signal sounded fine. Thanks for such a good quality product and excellent service. I will recommend your products to other hams,

Terry N8CDN


From: Todd W4LA
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2003 9:02 AM
To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'
Subject: RASCAL mark V

It couldn't have been easier. In less than ten minutes I was on the air copying 20M PSK. Nice job on the construction Buck. Gotta go ! I want to operate more on this new exciting mode.

73's, Todd / W4LA

Newton, NC & Greer, SC


Wednesday, July 31, 2003 10:33 AM

To: Bux Commco

Subject: Rascal

Buck: Just wanted to let you know I got my order yesterday, hooked it up with no problems made one CQ call on 20 Meters and got a reply. It works Great.

Thank You very much, I am one Happy customer.

Ed Mc Gowan


From: Malcolm Longland

Sent: Friday, July 19, 2003 2:47 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Thanks...

To all concerned.

I ordered a Rascal interface on Monday and amazingly it arrived here in Northern Ireland on Friday morning.

Needless to say it is installed and working 100%. Many thanks for the excellent service and good luck to you all.

73 de Malcolm Longland.

From: Alex, IK2XRW

Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2003 11:18 AM

To: Bux Commco

Subject: R: Order


in reality I bought the RASCAL to run SSB & RTTY contest with Sound Blaster and pre-loaded messages as a DVK. First day all test works very fine... simple and easy to install.

Bye and see u soon on air.

IK2XRW, Alex.

From: M3RDX

Sent: Monday, July 01, 2003 1:35 PM

To: Bux Commco

Subject: Re: RASCAL RX, Par Avion

Hi Buck

I ordered my interface for the TS120s from you last monday it arrived in 1 week to the uk I connected up and was on the air within 5 minutes of the postman delivering !! it couldn't have been easier I worked hf0pol Antarctica with 5 watts psk31 also cuba and s. africa I am very pleased with your product and excellent service many thanks Ian M3RDX/QRP

p.s my friend was so impressed we ordered him one today thanks again Ian M3RDX/QRP

From: John, @ Springfield, VA
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2005 4:40 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Rascal Interface

I purchased the RASCAL two weeks ago and from the moment I opened it I knew I was going to enjoy it. It went together with out a hitch, as easy as the directions made it seem. Thanks for such a great product.

John H

From: Earl KE2DE
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2005 2:54 PM
To: Bux Commco
Subject: Re: Rascal R-FTMDIN

Thanks Buck, for the pointers. I followed your advice and found that Win98 in the sound card was setup for desktop speakers and I am using a laptop so I changed it to laptop and now have sound out.

I set the levels in WinPSK and ALL Works Great!!

Thanks Again...Great Product, and Support



From: KA7EII Rocky

Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2005 1:41 AM
To: K4ABT@BUXcommco.com
Subject: RASCAL R-FTMDIN Interface

Hello Buck,

Ordered my RASCAL on a Thursday and received it on Tuesday.

Finally got the computer out of the shop, and I have completed my first PSK31 QSO!

Your RASCAL works perfect with my FT-100D!

I've been having a ball on PSK31 and SSTV with help from your RASCAL!

Just want to thank you for making a great product that is easy to set up and use. The RASCAL will help me to explore yet another facet of Amateur Radio.

Your CD is also great, lots of info on it.
73 es C U later.


From Phil GU0SUP

Sent: Friday, May 24, 2005

To: k4abt@packetradio.com

Subject: the RASCAL R-5RY

Hi Buck,

Just been on air with the RASCAL R-5RY and it has performed very well indeed!
Had a QSO with 8P9AL and R1MVI on RTTY, and got through first call on each, so that can't be bad!

An excellent piece of hardware, and it performs very well on all the soundcard modes that I use: RTTY (AFSK and FSK), PSK, MT63, Hell, Throb etc,

I had to check the right option in MMTTY when selecting FSK, else we get a single tone as well Tx'd, which seems to be due to the option of having SOUND + FSK checked.

Nice piece, and the speed of delivery was truly amazing!

Thanks for your prompt attention, and nice to do business with you.

Very best 73, and kind regards


From Glenn KD5DGA

Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2005 6:39 PM

To: k4abt@packetradio.com

Subject: the rascal


I have one of your rascals for about two years now and haven't any problems from the get go. I have been using mmsstv, mmtty, digipan, zakanaka, uiss with agwpe packet engine, and hamscope.

This little rascal has opened so many doors in amateur communication that gave a new life for me.


Glenn KD5DGA


From: Larry, KA4QZQ

Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2005 10:32 AM

To: k4abt@packetradio.com

Subject: R-TT5PD

The nice little RASCAL box arrived about 1/2 hour ago and the hook up was simple enough. Now I've gotten rid of all my jury rig cables and especially the noise I had before in my desk top speakers of my computer.

Thanks a lot for a fine and inexpensive unit for PSK. I'm back in business as I had just purchased my new

Ten-Tec Jupiter 538 and it's working just great.

Larry, KA4QZQ

From: Joe KC8RKL
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2004 6:16 AM
To: K4ABT@packetradio.com
Subject: RASCAL Kit


Had to drop you a line. I ordered a RASCAL interface kit for my Kenwood TS-570 early last week and received it Friday. I assembled it yesterday (Saturday) a.m., loaded the WinPSK 2.11 software you *also* provided, poked around the software for a while, made the requisite adjustments (per your great advice), ..

....and my first PSK contact was Roger W2INY in Sarasota, FL in mid afternoon on 20 meters.

Later in the evening, after setting up some macros, I QSO`d Georg DJ9LJ (Germany) and Paul HA3HV (Hungary)- all on 35 watts and an attic dipole. Wow!

Having a blast. Thanks very much.

VY 73


From: M Wagner, K8SWL
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2004 5:29 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Received Rascal Kit –Thanks

Buck, Received Rascal Kit today.

Great service, mail money order to you on Monday, receive kit the next Monday.

It doesn't get any better!!!!


Mike K8SWL

From: Ronald ke4vpn

Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2004 6:43 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Rascal came in and works FB

Hello Buck

Thanks for the quick shipping on the Ten Tec Pegasus Rascal interface, it works fine business. No problem at all with PSK31 or SSTV. I did not know the first thing about the modes and it was nice to get a product that works first time. I don't usually write vendors but I am so pleased with the product that I thought I would let you know.
73 de ke4vpn


-----Original Message-----
From: John--K3MZV
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2004 10:42 AM
To: buck@buxcommco.com
Subject: Good Job


Received the Rascal R-5 Today --Great service.

The Rascal does a good job with my IC-735.

Thanks for a good product,


From: Brad, W4INT

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2003 6:51 PM

To: k4abt@packetradio.com

Subject: RE: RASCAL

Hello there,

Just though I would drop you a short note to say thank you for the great product!

I followed your instructions and even with the kids constantly asking questions had the
RASCAL kit together and working in less than 1.5 hours.

It works great as I have made numerous PSK31 contacts and now am working SSTV.
If I can ever be of a help to you in showing your product of giving a demo to HAMs in
my area please put my name on the list.
 73 de W4INT

From: John, KE3QG

Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2003 8:54 AM
To: 'k4abt@packetradio.com'
Subject: good stuff

I recently ordered a RASCAL for my ICOM 735, and your CD-ROM. The RASCAL hooked up very easily and the documentation was good.

With the programs on the CD-ROM, I didn't even have to download any software from the Internet.
As such, I was up and working both SSTV and PSK31 the day your shipment came (which was very prompt).

I highly recommend your products to anybody looking to get on the air quickly with these modes.

Thanks for the great products! John, KE3QG

From: W4MCQ
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2003 2:37 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: rascal interface

I just received my Rascal. Hooked it up & works great ! Worth every penny !!!

Thanks ! Bruce W4MCQ

From: Roy
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2003
To: buck@buxcommco.com
Subject: Thanks for your quick shipment


This is just a short note to tell you Thanks again for getting my order out so quick.

Last weekend I ordered one of your RASCAL's and it arrived this Friday evening. Got it hooked up and receiving Friday night. Finally found all the correct software menu settings (both radio and computer software) and made several PSK31 contacts today.

It works GREAT.

Thanks again,

Roy, K5RLE

I got it! Worked with so much ease I couldn't believe it. You have done a great job with the RASCAL.

I have placed you on my web sites as a featured link www.w2blc.com and www.txrad.net

73, and keep up the good work.


It is A O.K. You did a great job building my RASCAL. My age is 72 and I enjoy amateur radio.

Best wishes to you for the new year. 73 Chuck n4mis

From: Patrick
To: BUX CommCo
Subject: FT-817 interface issues

Buck, Just some feedback on your FT-817 interface.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it works great, I did have a little trouble getting my FT-817 to modulate and had to adjust the level on the Rascal and set the sound card out level. I have built your interface for my ICOM 718 and did not have any problems.

From: Charles
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 1:54 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com

I want to say that I enjoy psk31 very much and your RASCAL 5 makes it so easy!

Thanks much,


From: Eric [kg4lul]
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 2:38 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: RASCAL - Thank You!

Thank you for fulfilling my order so quickly! The RASCAL works great!!!!

From: MAC [w9iv]
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2001 1:39 PM
To: Buck Rogers, K4ABT

This is a "thank-you" message, Buck, to tell you that the RASCAL PSK interface which I ordered from you a few days ago has arrived, been installed, and is working perfectly. The promptness with which you responded to my initial inquiry, and the promptness with which you shipped the product, were truly impressive.

If you ever need a happy customer to recommend you and/or your products, just call on me; I'll respond in the same great fashion that you displayed to me!

73, MAC, W9IV

From: Gary
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 7:16 PM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Rascal

I wanted to let you know how great I think the rascal I purchased from you is. It was so easy to hook up and with the software you sent I had it up and running in less than 30 minutes. I will be purchasing more and recommending it to anyone wanting to get started with PSK31.

Thanks, 73


From: Art
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 9:18 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: Re: Order

Thank you! Order received and working well.
Very nice system you have developed. Installed easily and was up and running within minutes of arrival.
Thanks for such good service and a nice product!

From: G0NCS
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 11:01 AM
To: k4abt@packetradio.com
Subject: thanks

hello om thank you for the rascal unit which arrived safe and well, i was on the air within ten minutes working like a dream come true, a very nice bit of kit more than pleased hope to be in contact soon.

thanks a lot de g0ncs tim

From: Hesh
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 8:16 AM

To: 'BUX CommCo'

Subject: RASCAL

Hi… I received the ‘Rascal’ - it works great!


Hesh N1MDX

Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 4:27 AM

To: k4abt@BUXcommco.com

Subject: Happy holidays, TNX for everything in '01

Hi Buck:

I just wanted to say thanks all the good products and support

I'm using the PSK31 interface, it's working great. Your website is

great place to find all kinds of info.

Again thanks, happy holidays and may the good Lord take a liking to you!

Hank - N8DOE

Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 3:02 PM
To: k4abt
Subject: HI

Heard you on the air the other day. Condx were poor or I would have given you a call.

Love my RASCAL.

Bob, K6VIB
Quartz Hill, Ca.

Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 8:07 PM

To: buck@buxcommco.com

Subject: Praise

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I ordered your RASCAL

kit for my Kenwood TS-130 last week. I received it on Monday of this week

and already have it assembled and on the air.

73, Russ


.... and the list goes on... over 1000,000 happy customers!

73 de 
G. E. "Buck" Rogers Sr., K4ABT

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