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Wednesday April 16, 2014

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cat# RASCAL Mk III+    

Only two (2) connections;
* "A" is control connector to transceiver
* "B" is connector to PC soundcard

* There are no serial or USB cables or driver software to install,
* The RASCAL Mk III+,  Includes RASCAl to Transceiver Cable
   (select RASCAL to your Transceiver model from drop-down list)
*   Works with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

* Use your standard sound card software for the AFSK Digital
   mode you wish to operate;  thus, no comports to select.

NOTE: the RASCAL III is for AFSK modes.  The
RASCAL GLX Mk V is for both FSK and AFSK modes.

* TAX is Tone Activated Transmit.  Automatic PTT.
* Includes CD of assorted sound-card software.
   CD contains multi-mode software, and several handbooks
   relating to HAM radio digital modes

* Easy to follow Printed Instructions
and you are on the air in minutes.

This is not a kit.  The RASCAL Mk  III+  is complete, wired and tested.

The BUXCOMM RASCAL Mk III+ is the easiest Plug-N-Play sound card
interface available today.  Yes, that's right "Plug-N-Play"  There are
no Serial, USB cables, or driver software to load or install.  There are 
no comports to search, test, and select.  In your software "settings";
Set comport to "NONE." as the PTT is automatically activated by the
"TAXtm" circuitry of the RASCALmk III+. Run your Sound Card software,
follow the easy instructions included with RASCAL 2012 Mk III+ and
you are on the air in minutes.

Click Here, Software and Programs for use with

by BUXCOMM Corp.

It's the last sound card to transceiver interface you'll ever need.

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