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Tuesday July 22, 2014

4Kw Windom is Mil-Spec Windom antenna, 160 through 2 meters, PoweRated 4000 watts SSB


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4Kw Windom, 160 meters through 2 meters, 10 bands. This is our Signature Mil-Spec Windom antenna, in use throughout the world PoweRated at a true 4000 watts PEP.  Total Length is 265 feet (79M).

The BUXCOMM WINDOM is the world's number one OCFD antenna.  The Windom 1 wire elements are made from Sky-Blue, PVC covered, Power-Flex wire. 

When it comes to the OCFD (Windom), we wrote the book,
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Install it as an Inverted Vee, a Sloper, or as a flat-top.
With the sky-blue wire and cloaked BALUN, it is almost invisible.
Optimum performance and optimum angle of radiation is when
the OCFD/Windom is erected 35 to 45 feet above ground, and
at least 30 inches away from metal, limbs, or other vegetation.
Many operator's who live in gated or restricted communities
have good results with the BUXCOMM OCFD at 12 to 14 feet.

BUXCOMM Windoms are built, assembled, and tested in Virginia USA !
Wire, BALUNs and BALUN components, are manufactured by Southwire
and Charlotte Polyvinyl Plastics, IN THE U S A !

Our BALUNs are powerated to handle 4000 watts PEP, and the
hardware we use is designed to withstand harsh weather, and wind

The BUXCOMM Windom (OCFD) is well known for its 4 to 9 dbi gain
over the common dipole.  Our field gain test have shown, when the
BUXCOMM OCFD is chosen for the lowest band of operation, each
harmonic related HF band above it will exhibit 2.0 to 3.75 dbi greater
than the next lower neighbor band.

All this great performance is achieved through the use of specially
selected toroids we use in the manufacture of our BALUNs.  We
alone use unique designed BALUN that exceeds the bandwidth of any
competitors matching device.

With the BUXCOMM Windom, NO Antenna tuner is needed:
There are several reasons for not using an antenna tuner, one of
which allows you to
change bands faster and be the first to get the DX.

Our Windom antennas employ multi-core, *vestigial, wide-band,
BALUNstm and cover all HF bands:   (*BUXCOMM Vestigial,
Wide-band, Multi-core, BALUNStm, employ highly refined ferrite
compounds to reduce core saturation and more efficiently process
RF power and bandwidth to and from the antenna.)

Our feed-point BALUN serves as both a "center insulator" with
large eye-bolts for suspension, and separate large brass terminals
for the antenna connections.  By using separate antenna connections,
the strainis on the eye-bolts, and not the antenna terminals. 

The input to the BALUN is a standard SO239 which accepts a
PL259 male coax connector. 

The feed-point is fourteen (14%) percent (MOL) from the center of the
antenna.  This feed point provides a better impedance match, 80 through 2 meters.

The BUXCOMM 401602 Windom is approximately 255 feet, long. This
provides ideal performance at both HF and VHF frequencies without
use of an antenna tuner.  Although a slight increase in VSWR may occur
at 15 meters, 
an antenna tuner may be used for maximum performance.

We have found that 85% of competive Windom antenna BALUNS are not
symetrical; That is, most manufacturers supply a BALUN with a frequency
response that rolls off rapidly between 25 and 35 MHz.   

The method we use to overcome this obstacle was to select a "proprietary"
mixture of ferrite, winding ratios, and swept teflontm covered wire that to
give our BALUN the band-pass we needed to reach well into the VHF region
with our harmonic related Windom.  In our lab measurements, our "special"
BALUN's display  a VSWR better than 1.5:1 at 150 mHz.

In addition, by using this special built, broad-band BALUN with our Windom, 
we have an HF and VHF Windom antenna that now covers eighty (80) through 
two (2) meters, still without an antenna tuner.

When we first developed our broadband BALUN, we found that it would 
allow use of our Windom antennas well into the VHF region.  Later, some of 
our competitors decided to make the same claim, they, not realizing, that their 
BALUN must have a band-pass that let their OCF's operate into the VHF region.

Many operator's who were duped by their hype later found their antennas would 
NOT perform above 28 to 29 Mhz.  As a matter of fact, they soon learned that
the antenna they had bought was incapable of operation above 28 mHz due to 
the rapid roll off  of the BALUN bandpass.

Another BUXCOMM Product: 

* teflontm is a registered tradmark of and by E.I DuPont.

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