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Saturday August 23, 2014

WINDOM wire elements are made from Sky-Blue, Power-Flex wire.with sky blue PVC jacket.

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cat#    1-WINDOM           PoweRated @ 2500 watts PEP.

The BUXCOMM WINDOM is the world's number one OCFD antenna.  The Windom 1 wire elements are made from Sky-Blue, PVC covered, Power-Flex wire.

Our BALUNs use multiple cores, and are power-rated to handle 2500 watts PEP, and the hardware is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Coax Seal CS 104 or Dacron Rope sold separately

Legend to ID points in the photo:

A = Large 3 inch Delrin/FiberGlass end insulators
B = BALUN with integrated center insulator
C = Silver flashed, 68 strands,
high strength copper wire, blue PVC
D = UV resistant Dacron rope Tye-tails
E = Instructions and spare parts package
G = Quick-Disconnect, heavy-duty, Snap Clasps
H = Stainless steel, top support Eye-bolt.
I = Stainless Steel, stress-relief, Insulated, Eye-bolts.
J = SO239, Delrin insulated, Coax connector, accepts PL259.
K = UV resistant, long-life ABS case, with contoured edges to reduce wind-loading.
L = Heavy duty, #8 tempered silver plated brass antenna terminals with wing-nuts

When it comes to the OCFD (Windom), we wrote the book, Get the Windom Antenna Handbook FREE !   CLICK HERE it's free:

BUXCOMM Windoms are built, assembled, and tested in Virginia USA !  Wire, BALUNs and BALUN components, are manufactured by Southwire and Charlotte Polyvinyl Plastics, IN THE U S A !

We use SuperFlex PVC covered wire, and we cover the connections to the BALUNs and end insulators.

Install it as an Inverted Vee, a Sloper, or as a flat-top.  With the sky-blue wire and cloaked BALUN, it is almost invisible. Optimum performance and optimum angle of radiation is when the OCFD/Windom is erected 35 to 45 feet above ground, and at least 30 inches away from metal, limbs, or other vegetation.

The BUXCOMM Windom (OCFD) is well known for its 4 to 9 dbi gain over the common dipole.  Our field gain test have shown, when the BUXCOMM OCFD is chosen for the lowest band of operation, each harmonic related HF band above it will exhibit 2.0 to 3.75 dbi greater than the next lower neighbor band.

All this great performance is achieved through the use of specially selected toroids we use in the manufacture of our BALUNs.  We alone use unique designed BALUN that exceeds the bandwidth of any competitors matching device.

With the BUXCOMM Windom, NO Antenna tuner is needed: There are several reasons for not using an antenna tuner, one of which allows you to change bands faster and be the first to get the DX.

Our Windom antennas employ multi-core, *vestigial, wide-band, BALUNstm and cover all HF bands:   (*BUXCOMM Vestigial, Wide-band, Multi-core, BALUNStm, employ highly refined ferrite compounds to reduce core saturation and more efficiently process RF power and bandwidth to and from the antenna.)

BUXCOMM Windoms: We build them better, we build them for less, and better quality than any other.   Highest quality at lower prices; No high-rent here; We own the production facilities, warehouses and real-estate.  We buy our wire and cable in hundred-thousand feet quantities for better OEM pricing.

Our Windoms are complete, factory assembled and tested. When you receive your BUXCOMM Windom, it is ready to connect the coax and erect.  BUXCOMM is the leading Windom, and T2FD, antenna producer in the world.

Not only are our Windom Antenna the number one Ham radio antenna in the world, it has become the choice of  ShortWave Listners (SWL) worldwide. See also Windom model "WINDOMSWL" 

Select one (1) Windom Model, from list below:
(By default, model 802134 is selected. 
To change selection, simply select the bullet knob at left of  your choice:)

BUXCOMM Windoms are built, tested in Virginia and:

All Center insulators, End Insulators, BALUNs, Clamps, and Power PolyFlex Wire, are included with our factory assembled and tested Windom Antennas.

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