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Wednesday April 16, 2014

RASCAL- PSK31 interface USB or SERIAL

Sound Card to Radio Interface
The perfect interface for use with the digital modes
*EasyPAL Digital SSTV.

EasyPal is a picture and file transfer program by Erik Sundstrup VK4AES.
It's free for use by radio amateurs to transfer pictures and data files via radio
on the amateur bands.
It uses DRM transmission modes (Digital Radio Mondiale).
Any data file format can be transferred usingEasyPal, but not any file size.

At some point, the time taken to transmit a large file will be impractical.
Although any data file format can be transferred, EasyPal is particularly
suitable for picture files and text files.

EasyPal uses a bandwidth of about 2.5 kHz and a maximum data rate of
6360 kbps. It can be used with SSB, AM and FM. It can be used on many bands,
such as HF, VHF and UHF.  Over the years, the author of EasyPal has constantly
improved it, added facilities and removed bugs. Unlike some programs,
it wasn't written then forgotten. EasyPal is used on SSB at HF and performs just
as well with VHF and UHF FM.

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RASCAL "Radio And Sound Card Adapter Link"
Included Free with the BUXCOMM RASCAL GLX:
FREE, Both, USB or Serial comport cables,
FREE CD of Sound Card Software
FREE RASCAL to Transceiver cable
Complete setup instructions

CLICK Here for USB2SC, USB to Serial Converter Drivers

CLICK Here for USB2SC, Quick Start (setup) manual.

CLICK Here for RASCAL GLX, Operation Manual

As a rule, we do not endorse or support any specific sound card software.
However, we do have a couple of personal choices; I One of the more Bug-free
MultiMode software packages for the Amateur Radio Digital modes is; FLDIGI.

Click Here for a link to David Freese W1HKJ, FLdigi (FREE) download website.
For openers, You'll find the Beginners Manual for the Digital Modes Newbies.
Digital Modes, Oh yeah... I lost count: CW, Contestia, DominoEX, Hell, MFSK,
MT63, Olivia, PSK, RTTY, Thor, Throb, WEFAX, Time tick transmit,
WWV calibration, Frequency Analysis, Tune
, ...etc
Here's something you don't often find with free software; An in-depth, detailed 185
page Manual... for FLdigi
edited from by David WE1U.

Another Digital SSTV software is EasyPAL
RASCAL GLX is the perfect interface for use with the digital modes
*EasyPAL Digital SSTV.

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